Helping you learn about your rights in difficult times


What is YCS?

The Youth Consumer Service is an Instagram channel populated with advice on youth consumer issues.

Advice has been provided by The Consumer Action Group and recorded by The Peer Outreach Team from City Hall.

Don't feel alone

We're all in this together.

Dealing with challenges such as debt or consumer rights is never an easy thing. Don't underestimate the stress and anxiety it can cause - and you're not alone, in these situations we all feel the same. We're only human.

We hope this service can be there for you when you most need help - a guiding hand during what can be a lonely journey but please reach out to us if you need to. Either send your question direct to us ( or visit the Consumer Action Group ( and post your question there for free help and support.

Stay strong and never give up!



Need help?

If you're experiencing a consumer or citizen rights issue we haven't covered please suggest it using the box here:


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